Aug 1, 2017

Hit The Ground Running

The pace has definitely picked up around here which means we spend even less time online and we're still working on adjusting to the "daily grind".  Not only are we halfway through our second pregnancy, we are also in the middle of moving to a different house and downsizing once again.  I can't stress how therapeutic it is to get rid of the junk that accumulates in our lives! 

We're also gearing up for a family wedding on the property and yet another Overland Expo is coming up for it's second time at the nearby Biltmore Estate, where we are looking forward to leading this year's Interactive Border Class.  All of this action while chasing a very active and VERY independent 2.5 year old who likes to boss us around. 

Ah yes, you might have noticed the subtle announcement above.  We are 21 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy and we are really looking forward to this little guy's arrival.  Now that we are past the nausea stage, the pregnancy is going very well.  On the ultrasound, he seems to be quite an active little guy so it looks like we may have our hands full even more!  We haven't settled on any boy names yet, so we welcome any suggestions our friends and family have. 

In other fun news, we recently surprised to get a message from a writer who asked if we would be up for doing an interview for TOWN magazine.  TOWN is a local lifestyle publication that covers Upstate South Carolina and the surrounding area.

They told us they were going to do a piece on the upcoming Overland Expo East and then noticed us mentioned Expo's media page, and wanted to interview us because we're local to the area.   

To see an online version of the article : Over and Out - TOWN Carolina along with a supplemental article focused on Overland Expo East : Land Rovers - TOWN Carolina

Big thank you to John Jeter for the opportunity and kind words.  Also shout out to Clint Davis for the fun photo shoot and making us look good!