Jul 7, 2011

Slow progress...

Being productive during my night off
We've been a little busy with work lately, which makes it very hard to focus on our list of things to do. Luckily I get a decent amount of "down time" at work...while the rest of the crew is sleeping thru the night, I stay up a few extra hours and get my homework done.

I try to take advantage of the time away from home, that I'm not able to work on the projects that wait for me.  It's a good thing my computer doesn't have an hour meter, that could log my precious time spent online researching, editing video, or goofing around with our site.

I keep telling myself that it's okay because I'm teaching myself skills that are useful in a dot com world...meanwhile, Shannon is probably setting up an intervention and signing me up for a 12-step program to get me away from anything related to our trip.

Shannon and I have spent countless discussions talking about a website for our trip. It took us at least two months just to narrow down our list of possible names for this website (if you don't like it then bite your tongue!). We've never done any blogging or built a webpage, so this is all part of the adventure for us and it's been very exciting.

This website will be a way for us to record our trip and share the memories with our loved ones.  We've also been playing with editing the photos and videos that we've taken so far, and we're hoping that we'll be able to put some fun multimedia together on the trip. We also hope, that maybe some day in the future the website could open some doors in life. I don't expect a book deal or a movie contract, but if we end up needing to replace a spare tire in Chile and a tire manufacturer wants to provide us with a free tire to review then that would be alright with me. It seems like the hard work is beginning to pay off because our website has been getting a little bit of attention...

Today I saw that we were mentioned in the July Overland Expo newsletter. While it may be a small blurb and we haven't technically left yet, I can't help but think it's pretty neat that we were mentioned:

"Go. H.W. Tilman's advice on how to have an adventure: 'Put on a good pair a
boots and walk out the door.' Here are some inspiring travelers who got on a bike or into their truck and headed down the road...RuinedAdventures.com (south in a 1987 4runner...)"