Aug 9, 2011

Portland vs. Asheville?

Which is the best area for Shannon & Brenton?  Please not we are looking to live near one of these cities, not directly downtown.

The winner will be our new home after our sabbatical in Latin America. 

UPDATE: we chose Asheville and we love it!  We've left this post here in case the information is beneficial for anyone else.

The primary reasons we left Texas:
- to live closer to family
- to live somewhere where we can actually enjoy individual seasons
- we'd like to be able to enjoy more of the outdoors, regardless of season

We definitely don't mind the cold, we actually prefer it to hot and humid climates which is partially why we're leaving Texas.  In Central Texas we felt like there were only two seasons, hot and cold.  The winters may rarely stay in the 30s, but with the humidity it feels much colder like it soaks into your bones.  We're not big fans of summers where the temp reaches over 100┬║F over 100 consecutive days!  

Texas, we love you but we're ready for the mountains!

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Update as of early 2014: 
After 711 days of traveling (holy smokes!) we are now ready to make a decision.  We have decided on moving to Western North Carolina, near Asheville.  We visited for 5 months before making this decision, which we feel is a slightly better fit versus the Portland area.  Our biggest motivation was the fact that Shannon's entire family has relocated here in the past few years.  Brenton's family is still fairly spread out, so this gives us maximum family-time.  Another big factor was weather.  Sure, there's humidity but in the mountains of WNC it's not nearly as bad and for the most part it's only intense in July.  We love the fact that you have all four seasons in this area, to a fairly mild effect.  We look forward to getting settled here and exploring more of the East Coast!