Nov 15, 2011

Our dirty little secret...

It's official, we're leaving Texas and we will be moving in January.  There, I've said it out loud and it feels pretty good to get that off my chest.  Today I turned in my official letter of resignation and it's very hard to express my thoughts and feelings.  I'm excited but terrified, petrified with fear and anxious about what life has in store for us. For those of you hearing this news for the first time, I'm sure you have plenty of questions...

Well to sum it all up, we want to relocate to be closer to our family.  We've decided that this is the perfect opportunity to take a break and travel while we still have our youth and good health.  We've saved for over a year and we have no debt, so before relocating to a new city we will spend a year (or more) traveling.  We have decided to drive from Texas to South America (yes, we're aware Mexico is somewhere in between there). 

At some point during this adventure we will have an intimate wedding (no we're not sure where/when yet, sorry).  This journey has a very open itinerary because that is how we enjoy our travels.  We will be taking life day by day but don't let that fool you...we have invested months of research and planning to make this a successful voyage.  Before we're assaulted with warnings about "the dangers" involved, please look around at our trip blog so you can see how much thought we've put into this decision.  We hope that you share the excitement about what's to come of our next adventure.

When we're done traveling and our budget can no longer support this lifestyle, we will settle down either in the mountains of western North Carolina.

I'm very sad that I'm leaving my friends and family that I've made here, and I don't know if I'll ever find a better place for my career.  But I can only hope that where ever we end up, the people are at least one tenth as amazing as the people we've met here in Austin.

Shannon & Brenton