May 19, 2012

Mexico Campsites

Rooftop camping on top of a hostel
We have published a Google map showing all of our campsites to date.  We will try to keep it updated as we continue.  Please feel free to use the information, but don't forget to credit the source.  Many of these campsites can be found in the Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping by Mike & Terri Church, which is a HIGHLY recommended resource that you should buy if you are planning a similar trip.

Keep in mind that we are traveling in a small SUV with good ground clearance and 4x4 and we don't require electrical or sewage hookups.  Your rig may not be able to access or fit in some of these locations so we have tried to make notes in that regard.

Some of these campsites don't have bathrooms, but they were free so we can't complain.  Some of these campsites are what we like to call a "ninja camp"...

Ninja Camp (noun) informal:
  1. a place with temporary accommodation used by cheap travelers who are trying to offset the price of their bar tab or expensive lunch.
  2. (verb) to live or stay temporarily in a place where stealth is required, especially in a caravan or even a tent in the bushes.  Extra caution must be used to enter and exit without trace, otherwise compromising your mission: to sleep for free.
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