Special Thanks

We had no sponsor support during our PanAmerican travels.  We played with the idea of chasing that opportunity, but ultimately we decided to just fund our journey the old fashioned way with hard work and careful budgeting.

We've decided to fill this page with the beautiful people that have treated us to a beer, gifted us with their hospitality and valuable information.  These are the folks that inspire us to keep doing what we're doing.  Not to quote Bette Midler, but they are the wind beneath our wings...

A list of awesome people

Emerson Trager
Brit Sparks
Marc and Sue of Pequeño Paraiso - for all the great advice and info
Restaurante Uchuva Lounge (Santa Helena, Colombia) - for being so hospitable!
Victor Riviera - thanks for the battery switch and all your help!
Family Ruckus - thanks for the stove! (and good company)
Sara & Tom (This Intentional Life)
Christopher Owens
Bobbi-Jo & Chris
The Lynch-Blosse Clan
The Coopers
Kyle and Ashlee Watkins - best dog-sitters ever!
Katie Clancy
Alice Gugelev
Jay Shapiro
Dustin & Tara Hilgert
Kate, Mac, & Paco Smith - for the food alone!
Vicki & Pete Webber - hopefully we'll move to Africa to return the favor
Lori Clagg
Melissa Weiner
Kip Orbeck
Uncle Don & Emerson
Laura Milburn
Christa Freepons
Andrew Tarpinian
Ben Williams
Katy & Corbin Shields
Scott Elkins - for buying most of Brenton's man-stuff
Caleb Elkins
Captain Redbeard
the nice guys at Fibergrate
Micah Fain - Carpenter Extraordinare
Bruce & Laura Jones
Jasmin Contreras
Eugene & Lori Post
Ron & Patti Christensen
Daniel @ Ion Art
Shannon & Joe Strathmann - great stories, great dinner, and more inspiration
Ashley Rausch
Katy McMillin
Nina Gonzalez
Dawn & Renato da Silva
Uncle Tommy & Aunt Maryann Haberthur
Al & Lou Benavides
Matt & Julie Swallow
Claire Korzon
Phyllis Duffy, author of 'Dos Perritos Con Suerte'
Mike & Shannon Mills
Doug & Stephanie Hackney
Gary & Monika Westcott
Luis & Lacey of Lost World Expedition - especially for sharing a container home with us!
Logan & Brianna Pribbeno
Nick & Rochelle of RambleWriters - for planting the idea in our heads
Chris & Kristen of DTA
James & Lauren of Home On The Highway - for sharing ideas and beers with us
The Life Remotely gang - for mountains of info
Karin-Marijke and Coen of Landcruising Adventure - for tons of inspiration, advice, and leads
James & Angela Brown of NoLimitX- best wedding advice ever!
Jay Shapiro & Alice Gugelev
Lorraine Chittock
Everyone who came to our going away party and threw some money into the gas tank!
Dan Grec
Jeff Sarmento
Danielle & Ned Hibberd

We appreciate your love and the fact that you believe in us.  If we've misspelled your name or if you'd wish to remain anonymous, please let us know!  If we have somehow left your name out, please tell us.  We have been blessed with so much support, it can be difficult to keep up, but we'd really like to make sure we give a shout out to everyone on our team.