Jul 10, 2013

Article featured in Toyota Trails Magazine

We may be far from Guatemala at this point, but we recently had an article published about our time in the Petén region of Guatemala.  The article was featured in the May/June 2013 issue of Toyota Trails Magazine, which is the official publication of the Toyota Landcruiser Association.  This was a pretty exciting opportunity for us, since we can now claim that we are published writers and photographers.  So what if it's only one article!  We're pretty darn stoked about it.  

While visiting family recently, we realized not everyone has seen the article and we had a few requests to send it to them.  Unfortunately the digital link to the article is no longer active, so if you absolutely want to read our writing you'll have to get your hands on the paper version.  

We had always figured the TLCA was strictly for Landcruiser owners, but when we were approached with the opportunity to write this, we found out that they feature 4wd Toyotas of all models.  Great news for Toyota lovers everywhere.