About Us

Several years ago we decided to leave behind Austin, Texas.  With no family within 2000 miles of us, it was no longer the place for us to call home.  We wanted to live closer to family, which meant moving to North Carolina.  At this point, we figured why not take advantage of this transition and travel the world?  This pivotal moment in our lives would give us the time to gain some valuable experiences and see the world.

We hit the road in 2012 expecting to be gone one year.  Traveling in our 1987 Toyota 4Runner, we set out on an undefined journey with few expectations.  We did know it would be a rare opportunity for self-growth and a chance for us to strengthen our bond as a couple.

We started with a cross-country "shakedown trip" across the USA, then we headed south across Mexico and Central America.  In Panama the Pan-American highway technically stops, so we loaded our vehicle in a shipping container and it sailed a couple hundred miles to Colombia, where we continued even further south until we reached the southern tip of South America.  After completing our PanAmerican circuit we shipped the vehicle from Buenos Aires to Miami and returned the the USA so we could start our new lives near Asheville, NC where we are now raising our daughter.  If you have any questions about the PanAmerican journey, feel free to send us an email or contact us via Facebook.

After 2 years, 28 border crossings, and over 31,000 miles later we had finally reached the end of that road.  

During these two wonderful years, we:
  • got married (twice!)
  • spent 24/7 together for 711 days - more than most couples would in 7 years of the daily grind
  • began to understand each other on completely new levels
  • became fluent in Spanish
  • experienced countless mechanical issues 
  • mastered the art of self-sufficiency
  • became professional problem-solvers
  • learned that the world is actually a very friendly place, despite what the news may tell us
  • discovered we can conquer the world with "the Three P's"; Patience, Persistence, and Politeness...you can actually add Planning and Preparation for a little less stress too
  • spent countless nights sleeping in hammocks, tents and the back of our vehicle
  • learned how to graciously accept the hospitality from strangers, even when it felt like we didn't need or deserve it
  • broke out of our shells and became fearless in uncomfortable situations