The 4Runner

Why we chose a 1st-Generation 4Runner

See the build thread on the Expedition Portal forum.

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Ferry crossing in Southern Guatemala

1987 Toyota 4Runner 
Total mileage = 304,000 miles and counting

22RE 4cyl engine EFI
5-Speed Manual transmission
Factory Specs

Using every inch of space under the hood.

Guest 2111A manual battery switch to isolate dual batteries
Broken Fuel Gauge
ugly steel bumper guard from Craigslist
Rear swingout bumper built using a Comp 4x4 spindle

PanAm Tires:  Treadwright 245/75/16 (E) Warden ATs (zero flats or tire failures!)
Wheels: 16x7 Toyota Tacoma factory steel
After the PanAm we upgraded to Treadwright's 265/75/16 Claw and so far we love them

Cataviña in Baja California

Old Man Emu / ARB suspension 
      OME 303003 Torsion bars, N98 shocks
      OME CS009R leaf springs, N94 shocks
Zuk coil springs - rear overload protection

OME suspension after installation

two 5 Gal. / 20 Liter fuel cans increasing range to 500 miles
machete & shovel
MV50 Superflow Air Compressor mounted under hood
60" Hi-lift jack and bottle jack
recovery shackles & straps
kinetic recovery snatch strap
"waffleboard" fiberglass traction mats (integrated into the rear swing out bumper we built)
Tire repair kit: plugs, patches & wire

"Fantastic Fan" mounted in the roof

belts, hose repair kit
alternator brush assembly which we used in Guatemala
starter solenoid contacts & idler arm bushing from 4Crawler Offroad
brake caliper rebuild kit
TPS (throttle position sensor) & MAS (mass airflow sensor)
fuses and relays

Loading up for the ferry near the Pacific coast of Guatemala

steel locking hatch under sleeping area for laptop & cameras
locking center console
locking fuel cap + locking fuel door
multiple kill switches
Viper 2-way alarm system
limo tinted windows
exterior hockey-puck locks
situational awareness
*the best security we have found is to be careful where you park and where you go

Hockey Puck locks to make up for the pathetic Toyota locks.

Garmin GPS

300w inverter
3 External Hard Drives for photo storage

The overbuilt 1/4" steel safe that we fabricated.

20-Liter Scepter water can with spigot added
(2) MSR Dromedary  10-Liter water bladders with shower kit
(2) 20-Liter swiss water bladders for aux. capacity when necessary
SteriPen Freedom
…and a dirty sock for filtering

Eagle Creek Pack-it organizers for clothing
replaced crappy plastic console with locking 20mm ammo can
cargo benches along the sides of the bed allow storage access behind fenders
bungee cargo nets hanging from ceiling for lightweight items and drying clothes
rear swing-out tables for counter space
(2) military surplus aluminum medical chests (medium-sized) for rooftop storage

Optimus Nova multifuel - backpacking stove
MSR 1-liter bottle for stove fuel
Engel 14qt 12v fridge/freezer - fits perfectly behind driver's seat

GSI Personal Java Press for our daily coffee fix
compact coffee grinder
72 hours of backpacker meals as emergency food rations

The beautiful chuck box our friend Micah helped us build with removable threaded PVC legs
(we no longer carry this chuck box due to weight and space)

Endless Breeze 12v fan
Fantastic Vent-fan installed into hard-top
front SR5 bucket seats (thanks to The 4runner House)
removable mosquito netting for windows

Bottle caps glued to magnets as souvenirs, also secure our bug nets in camp.

ARB2500 Awning (purchased for twice the price in Panama, ouch!)
Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 backpacking tent
(2) "bulletproof" GCI Outdoor folding chairs
5" thick, twin-sized gel foam mattress pad

safety reflective triangles
reflective vest 
Stove and fuel cans visible from behind